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A Celebration of Storytelling

editing by GD Deckard

The anthological festival of tales.
"This is the Gathering. This is the Festival of Stories."
For paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
A Celebration of Storytelling Final Front Cover.png

A Pageant of Fantasy

A Feast of Thrills

A Revelry of Mystery

A Colloquium of Science Fiction


These four components are combined in this volume to celebrate the art and culture of storytelling. Divided into the above sections, each tale contains a festival, fair, carnival, or celebratory event to honor the antiquity and the importance of writing and scripture: to record history or to alter it, to entertain all types of populations, and to explore and explain the world around us.

We are honored to have fifty-eight stories from the below thirty-nine authors. Their talents have embodied the mission of this anthology. From all walks of life, they have unique abilities to excite and inform, to render realism and alter imagination, to amaze, delight, terrify, and fascinate us as readers. Their work is more than worthy of this, A Celebration of Storytelling.

A Complement of Authors

We are truly lucky to have had such talented authors in our first anthology.

We recommend visiting their links and discovering and reading more of their work.

Christine Morgan

Peter Emmett Naughton

KB Nelson

Gregory L. Norris

Q Parker

Eric Reitan

Alistair Rey

John B. Rosenman

Bradley H. Sinor

Susan P. Sinor

Nickolas Urpi

Christopher Wheatley

Martin Zeigler

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