Dark Owl     Publishing

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About Us

Dark Owl Publishing, LLC is a woman-owned business dedicated to taking care of our authors and getting their work out to the public in ways they might otherwise not be noticed.

Our goal is to never cater to one group of people over another. We want to give all authors a chance, no matter what their life situations are. We want to find all kinds of authors in the writing community to get their quality work out to readers who might otherwise miss them. Open submissions and diversity anthologies will help with that mission.

We want readers to be happy, which means making authors happy, too.

The editors and staff at Dark Owl Publishing have extensive experience in writing, editing and publication in all types of environments, not just in creative fiction. This gives us the skills to be able to handle large projects and complex timelines, and to work with professionals in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Dark Owl staff, please visit this page to learn more about opportunities available to you as an author or other member of our continually growing company.

Thank you for your support as we grow and produce more quality content for you!