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Grayson North
Frost-Keeper of the Windy City

By Kevin M. Folliard
A totally cool urban fantasy adventure!



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This book is appropriate for ages 8 on up. Savvy younger readers may also enjoy it.

And adults will, too!

Grayson North can't catch a break.

He's going to be late to work, again. And it's not like he doesn't have enough troubles. His older brother Jason is cool and handsome and never makes mistakes, and his younger brother Mason is a book smart genius.

Grayson is caught in the middle, never quite good enough, and now that their parents are separated and

Dad isn't around anymore, Grayson feels like he's all alone.

All that changes when Grayson inherits a silvery key with copper bands. He becomes the Frost-Keeper, gaining wintery superpowers and a world of epic responsibility.

Grayson must protect the City of Chicago from fiery extra-dimensional monsters

called Sulfurians. Disguised as humans, the Sulfurians use mesmerizing flames to control the Slynt Hotel, where Grayson's family works.

With the help of Mason and Lucy Slynt, who's determined to save her industrialist father, Grayson needs to master his powers and uncover the Sulfurians' plans.

Will the trio discover their plot, break the hypnotic spell, and save the city

from the return of the Great Chicago Fire before it's too late?

About the Author

Kevin M. Folliard is a writer of books for young readers, including Violet Black & the Curse of Camp Coldwater, Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery, Jimmy Chimaera & the Temple of Champions, and Matt Palmer & the Komodo Uprising. His adult fiction has been collected by The Horror Tree, Flame Tree Publishing, The Dread Machine, and more. His recent publications include his novella "Tower of Raven" from Demain Publishing and his 2020 horror anthology The Misery King's ClosetKevin currently resides in the Chicagoland area, where he enjoys his day job as an academic writing advisor and membership in the La Grange and Brookfield Writers Groups. When not writing or working, he's usually reading Stephen King, playing Tetris, or traveling the U.S.A. Kevin also has two short stories published with Dark Owl Publishing in both A Celebration of Storytelling and Something Wicked This Way Rides. Click here for his website.

Grayson and his family live in Chicago, Illinois,
and a lot of important landmarks are featured in the story.
Here is some interesting information about Chicago, also known as The Windy City!


Book cover by James T Molloy

Snowflake image by kropekk pl from Pixabay

Fire in hand by John Forster from Pixabay

Ice in hand from Adobe Stock

Author's personal image

Chicago in the snow by Yomex Owo on Unsplash