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No Lesser Angels, No Greater Devils

by Laura J. Campbell
A beautiful and haunting story collection.
Available in paperback and on Kindle on May 1, 2021

A cafe owner lives with the psychic gift of communicating with the dead.

An interview with Bubba, Death's youngest sibling, about his own entrepreneurship.

A runner's struggle, both physical and emotional, in a difficult marathon.

Two boys, brothers, who lose their campsite and find shelter in a strange brick structure.

Laura J. Campbell has gathered twenty-eight of her stories that have been lost to the wilds of the internet or fallen into the virtual dust bin of the out-of-print. She presents them here not just to preserve them, but also to share her experiences though her writing. Laura helps us live a lifetime across the globe and beyond in this pages of this book, spanning from childhood to adulthood, from strange but exciting lands on the other side of the world to our own transformed homes and personal spaces. Her timelines span from the age of Vikings as they grapple with Mayan cult sacrifices to far into the future where space travel has captivated us, and an apocalypse has changed us. Here you will find extraordinary humans, inner demons, and travelers and gatekeepers wiser than us... and you will learn to head their warnings.

No matter your reading preference, you'll find a story that will touch your heart,

scare your soul, and ignite your wonder when you visit this book.

About the Author

Laura J. Campbell lives and writes in Houston, Texas. She grew up in the coastal community of El Largo, Texas, Home of the Astronauts. Her career has included taking care of venomous snakes, medical research, and health law. She has published over forty-five short stories and two novels, and she won the 2007 James B. Baker Award for her short story "416175", included in this collection. When she's not writing, Mrs. Campbell can be found running, weight training, or attending good old fashioned rock-and-roll shows. She is encouraged in her writing by her husband, Patrick, and children, Alexander and Samantha. Many of Mrs. Campbell's more recent works are available through Amazon at this link.

While we wait for Mrs. Campbell's book to be released,

here are some articles about the real places, people, and events that she explored in her storytelling.

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