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We believe it's extremely important to support our fellow small business owners. These are all companies we've personally worked with, and we hope you'll take the time to check out their wonderful wares!


The Night Terrors Podcast

We've teamed up with The Night Terrors Podcast to provide you with podcast stories direct from the authors at

Dark Owl Publishing!

And be sure to listen to everything The Night Terrors Podcast has to offer--fantastic stories to keep you scared all night!

Redwood Reads

We're working with Redwood Reads to present online stories

to listen to on dark nights!

Plus, they're local, which makes it extra special to us!

Be sure to check out everything they're producing; you'll hear stories by familiar authors along with ones from Dark Owl!


Terror Trader

An all-original horror marketplace in Chandler, Arizona!

If you're looking for Halloween and horror-themed products, clothes, handmade items, collectibles, oddities, and more,

this is the place for you!

All horror, all the time, and the only store of its kind in Arizona!

Dark Owl Publishing has a vendor booth there as well, selling our books, bags, and buttons!

Open Wednesday - Sunday, 11 am - 7 pm

941 W Elliot Road, Ste 3

Chandler, Arizona 85225

On the southeast corner of Elliot and Alma School in the Fry's strip mall


Monster Complex

A great resource for readers and authors alike!

A blog, a podcast, and just loads of genre fiction goodies from books to movies to comics!

Black Infinity Magazine

Black Infinity Magazine (well, a "magazine book") is the place to find creepy science fiction and fantasy stories, retro movie reviews, weird science, and old comics. Get that great

old pulp mag feel with this genre-fiction delight!


Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine

Sci-Fi Lampoon is exactly what you'd expect: the funny side of sci-fi and its subgenres in the form of flash fiction and short stories, "ads" and "self-help columns", and lots more ridiculousness and fun that probably shouldn't be legal

in this universe. Visit their website to check out

the latest edition today!

Phantasmagoria Magazine

A fantastic, comprehensive magazine (well, really, it's a book!) chock full of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror goodness!

Short stories, interviews, discussions, the history of some of our favorite films and genres, and more!


StoryHack Action & Adventure

StoryHack is a modern short fiction magazine in the tradition of the great pulps of yesteryear. It celebrates pulse-pounding fiction from a variety of genres that is fun to read. Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, it's all here in this classically-structured magazine ripe for the reading!