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The Aiphace
Kindle Stories

Written by

Laura J. Campbell

The Aiphace allows you to be anyone to everyone...
Only on Kindle
These stories are appropriate for teenagers on up.

The Aiphace allows you to be anyone to everyone...

Regnas Corporation runs one of the most elite security agencies in the galaxies: the Aiphace Program. The agents of this elite operative work in the quest to stop criminals, illegal operations, and keep balance within the universe.


Their work is challenging, their sacrifices great. Their very existence is steeped in myth and legend, but the galaxies may never know their impact, for when the job is done right, you'll never know they've done anything at all.

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Reviam Scki cover.png

The Reviam Scki

Tired of ferrying her ex-boyfriend, Bellevue, around space on his adventures, Ter Olykambadi agrees to a proverbial 'one last mission' to free her to pursue her own adventures. As part of the deal, a young woman comes on board the ship as part of Bellevue's entourage. While initially dismissing her, Ter starts to realize there may be more to the unexpected guest than she originally calculated.

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