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The War of Leaves and Scales
by Jonathon Mast

Welcome to the four-book series about a band of scrappy orphans in the city of Londinium!

Along with their flock of dragons, they must fight to save their fellow citizens in an epic fight against the Gear...

and young Patty Rinkin must choose to be their leader!

Books Two, Three, and Four will be available over the next three years!

A New World is Beginning...
and it Starts with an Orphan.

Dragons of the Ashfall
Book One of the War of Leaves and Scales



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This book is appropriate for ages 12 and older. Savvy younger readers may also enjoy it.

And adults will like it, too!

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and start your journey into a world of gears and dragons!

Orphans never have easy lives, but they're especially brutal in the ashfall.

Londinium, led by the Gear, is an industrial society where the poor and downtrodden

are expected to take physical labor to keep the city in working order.

It grinds children to nothing in its factories, forcing them to work hard for money

just to pay their board and food. Survival is a daily struggle, especially for grindery girls -

orphans who grind coal into useable bricks.

Patty Rinkin is a rare grindery girl, for she has a last name.

She prefers to be one of the crowd, but finds herself the leader after a horrific fire

disables the lead girl, who's also her best friend.

And one afternoon, Patty finds a dragon's egg among the dust and filth of the factory.

But it seems the arrival of dragons is going to just make everything so much hardedr.

Patty doesn't realize she's been given a gift - a gift that could change the very system in which she is trapped.

Will she become part of the Gear's plans to keep its citizens in mortal danger?

Or will she learn the dragons can give everyone the opportunity to fight back against the Gear

and all the suffering it causes?

About the Author

Jonathon Mast started telling stories on the bus to the other kids on the way to school. As he got older, he wrote those stories down. He doesn't just like stories, but stories about stories. Jon's stories have appeared in various anthologies and in magazines and on websites, including stories in A Celebration of Storytelling and Something Wicked This Way Rides from Dark Owl Publishing. His first novel,

The Keeper of Tales, is also available from Dark Owl Publishing and is appropriate for teenagers.

Visit Jon's website here to learn more about his work and read his blog.

Information about Dragons

Dragons are a main part of the War of Leaves and Scales series,

and their history can be found in myths and legends around the world.

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Information about Coal

Coal is another important aspect of this book series,

so here's some information on what it is and how it's used.

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Book cover by Dark Owl Publishing

Soot-covered girl by Mark Mook from Pixabay

Author photo from Jonathon Mast

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