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Podcast Stories

We've been so happy to now hear Dark Owl Publishing's stories come to life!

Check them out below, and be sure to visit their corresponding books to read more from our amazing authors!

"Not Quite a Deer" by Jonathon Mast

Something's off with the cattle. It could be just the storm spookin' them a little, or it could be something else. Either way, Michah's heard all the campfire stories; there's nothing he's not prepared for.

Redwood Reads

"Janet, Please" by John S. McFarland

Norman and his wife have been going through a rough patch as of late. Perhaps an old woman seeking work and refuge can help bring the two of them closer...

Redwood Reads

"Father and Son" by John B. Rosenman

A teenager is relieved to finally be able to reveal his true self to his father, but it doesn't go without unusual consequences.

The Night Terrors Podcast

"Dead House, Dark Spirits" by Gregory L. Norris

A story about a man who sees a light in the abandoned house next to the home where he rents a room... and the curiosity of who, or what, could possibly be there.

The Night Terrors Podcast

(Story begins at 8:25 minutes.)

"A Drink With the Devil" by Jonathon Mast

from Something Wicked This Way Rides

A man returns to his home town to find its disappeared,

and he must win a drinking contest against the Devil to bring it and all its people, including his beloved Bess, back to our world.

The Night Terrors Podcast

"From the Garden" by Laura J. Campbell

from No Lesser Angels, No Greater Devils

A woman struggles with her husband's strange behavior of listening to rocks he gathers from the garden.

"The Little Dead Thing" by John S. McFarland

from The Dark Walk Forward

In letters to his fellow soldier from WWI, a scientist's assistant, newly released from his job, finds a strange,

dead creature at the boarding house he lives in.

"416175" by Laura J. Campbell

from No Lesser Angels, No Greater Devils

A woman out jogging finds a man near death, and he gives her information that will change her job... and her life.

"Mal Ardents" by John S. McFarland

from The Dark Walk Forward

A young man searches for his elderly father in

an abandoned warehouse his father used to own.

(Story begins at 24:00 minutes.)