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Just About Anyone
by Carl R. Jennings
High fantasy comedy from a pleasantly twisted mind.
"Fans of comedic fantasy will... enjoy this humorous, inventive take on kingmaking."

~ Publishers Weekly
For paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
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The Kingdom of Ugh is just like any other on the improbable planet of Morsus: full of unhappy humans and aloof magical creatures, and is ruled by a king who doesn't care much about anything beyond his next meal. So, for a brief moment of happiness, the subjects took matters into their own hands...

...and beheaded the king.

The king is dead! Long live... um...

Now it's up to a wizard and a witch to pick the next ruler in a long line of rulers, all no longer in possession of anything to put a crown on. They figure something has to change. Aside from being messy, beheadings don't help anyone. So what can this unlikely - or perhaps quite likely - pair do to end the streak of regicide and make such unhappy humans happy?

And then it hits them:

The perfect solution.

Or at least, it better be perfect.

It just has to be.

About the Author

Carl R. Jennings is a man who sometimes arranges words in interesting ways, but, more often than not, they're merely confusing or unsettling. He has been published in numerous magazines such as Phantasmagoria Magazine and in several anthologies, including A Celebration of Storytelling from Dark Owl Publishing. His debut humorous fantasy book, Mister Posted and the Brain Freeze Goddess, is available on all ebook platforms.

An Interview With... Carl R. Jennings from Bandit Fiction

Praise for Carl R. Jennings's work
Just About Anyone

"Humorous details and parodied fantasy tropes entertain throughout... As both campaign, botched acts of heroism, failed public outings, and an all-out riot lead to a satisfying conclusion... Fans of comedic fantasy will... enjoy this humorous, inventive take on kingmaking."

~ Publishers Weekly

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"Laugh out loud funny! Carl R. Jennings's comic masterpiece is filled with an incredible menagerie of mad characters. And one lustful unicorn. A side-splitting swipe at the kings, wizards, witches, and peasants of the days of yore."

~ GD Deckard, Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine

"Carl R. Jennings's novel Just About Anyone is (I predict going to get compared to the works of Terry Pratchett an awful lot. But although like Pratchett, Jennings has created a unique fantasy world... that's where the comparison really should end. Jennings really needs to be given his due for the imagination, satirical humour and all-around entertainment that his provides... Jennings's style of writing and his humourous world-building is a testament to his imagination and the forethought that must have gone into writing this novel... Carl R. Jennings is a name to watch out for. He is clever; his world-building, description, use of dialogue are second to none. So yes, he is a bit like Pratchett but he's 100% original."

~ Helen Scott, Reviewer for Phantasmagoria Magazine

"Just About Anyone is tot he fantasy genre what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is to science fiction. However, where Adams tosses one of us mundane Earthlings into a galaxy of hilarity, Jennings flips the script by hurling a heap of modern mundanity into a classical fantasy setting. To great comedic effect. All the issues plaguing social media today are turned in their heads and spanked on their bottoms when espoused by elite town criers, enlightened ogres, progressive damsels, and quarrelsome mobs of townsfolk. If you're in the market for a good laugh - and who isn't these days? - I highly recommend Just About Anyone."

~ Jason J. McCuiston, author of Project Notebook and The Last Star Warden Series

Previous work

"...made me laugh out loud even when stuck in a tube carriage during rush hour."

~ Gab Harvey, Bandit Fiction

"The pace was fast, the plot was absolutely original... one of the best books I've read this year."

~ W.N., Amazon five-star review

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