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Tales from New Pangea
Kindle Stories

Written by

Kevin M. Folliard

Welcome to New Pangea, where you are the invasive species!
Only on Kindle
These stories are appropriate for teenagers and savvy younger readers.
Tales from New Pangea cover.png

On a world that mirrors Earth comes a vision of what would happen if

humans and dinosaurs lived side by side. Kevin M. Folliard takes us to a continent called New Pangea that feels strangely real, dangerous,

and heightens our curiosity to learn more.

Classic-style writing in the vein of Doyle, Burroughs, and Wells set with traditional storytelling will transport you into a detailed ecosystem that is the hallmark of great science fiction. Combined with action and adventure, you'll find these to be page-turning stories of survival, wit, and high stakes danger.

Welcome to New Pangea, where you are the invasive species.

Enjoy your stay, if you survive!

See below for the links to each episode!

Baryonyx Crossing cover.png

Baryonyx Crossing

When her son goes missing, Jessie Harding is sure he is in dangerous territory known for the presence of a truly fearsome predator, the Baryonyx. A hunter of the creatures herself, she must go find him before it's too late.

Scavengers Path cover.png

Scavenger's Path

These three stories involving children in New Pangea show the struggles between families and dinosaurs in this strange world. In "Sawyer's Dimetrodon," little Sawyer goes hunting with his father, who teaches him how to recognize and best a Dimetrodon. "Good Morning Iguanodon" tells about young Teri who lives on Riverside Ranch with her family, a place meant to be an inn for travelers, but the constant threat of Baryonyxes is a danger keeping their inn from becoming a reality. And teenager Serena runs away with the farmhand Ryder, but she learns the true meaning of family when they get lost amongst a Stegosaurus herd in "Scavenger's Path."

and Other Tales of Innocence Lost

The Butcher of Jurassica cover.jpg

The Butcher of Jurassica

In a cutting edge dinosaur slaughterhouse on the primordial continent of New Pangea, mighty Apatosaurus, Baryonyx, and Stegosaurus are butchered daily, but corruption and greed rise to the top of the menu. Sam Clover, the foreman, is an information broker who leverages the unusual appetites of powerful clientele. But after smuggling exotic predators into the city, he may have crossed one too many lines. Now Clover must first survive the fearsome jaws of twin carnivores if he has any hope of escaping a broken system and dishing up his own recipe for revenge.

New Pangea TB and 31A cover yellow.jpg

Thunder Bunker and

Tunnel 31A

In twin tales of nesting predators and lost innocence, the humans of New Pangea grapple with what it means to build a home in dinosaur territory. "Thunder Bunker" tells a harrowing survival story set on a coastal island estate, in which a teenage girl must avoid the aggression of territorial Tarbosaurus and retrieve life-saving medicine for her grandmother. In "Tunnel 31A," a pair of medics descend into the maze of sewer tunnels beneath the compound city of Triassica to rescue an injured worker from swarming predators.

What Remains cover.png

What Remains

"My life is dangerous. I'm a wanderer..." Tate Jackson receives a letter from a woman in his past who lovingly tells him she's pregnant. Knowing very well he could lose his life, Tate decides to brave the extreme dangers of New Pangea to find her again.



Raptor Dance cover.jpg

Raptor Dance

Four tales of primal romance, dinosaurs, and deceit illustrate the trials of humanity in the savage world of New Pangea. Young love blossoms amid predatorial mating rituals in "Raptor Dance." Vengeance stretches its jaws in "Tyrannosaur Dreams." In "The Scrape," an underhanded mobster attempts to rig the big therapod fight. While in "Winged and Wild," ailing lovebirds make their last stand against a flock of pterosaurs who threaten their farm. These high-stakes stories of survival pit humans against prehistoric beasts, but the deadliest threats lurk within their human instincts.

and Other Trials of Humanity

The Rations at V-City cover.png

The Rations at V-City

Orphaned brothers Jack and Felix are constantly on the move, until they meet a scrappy and independent teen named Nina in the abandoned settlement of Victoria. The ghost town has food, supplies, and shelter, and in spite of its dark past, "V-City" might make the perfect home--if not for prowling Dilophosaurus. But even if these young survivors manage to outrun the predators, their traumatic pasts might still drive them apart. This longer story in novelette form is only $1.99!



Charting New Pangea cover.jpg

Charting New Pangea

Kairos Ali has received funds to travel to New Pangea's uncharted Geothermal Zone to learn more about its geysers and perhaps harnessing their power for clean energy. His rich benefactor has sent along his son as Kairos's assistant, an eager yet impetuous young man. They laern fighting angry Triceratops and stalking Dakotaraptors might change their fate and turn the expedition into a fight for survival.

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