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Tales from New Pangea

Written by

Kevin M. Folliard

Science fiction action adventure where humans and dinosaurs collide!
"Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the humans."
~ Jason J. McCuiston, author of Project Notebook and The Last Star Warden Series
For paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited
These books and stories are appropriate for teenagers and savvy younger readers.

on the 5th of each month!

Tales from New Pangea

On a world that mirrors Earth comes a vision of what would happen if humans and dinosaurs lived side by side.

Kevin M. Folliard takes us to a continent called New Pangea that feels strangely real, dangerous, and heightens our curiosity to learn more.

Classic-style writing in the vein of Doyle, Burroughs, and Wells

set with traditional storytelling will transport you into a detailed ecosystem that is the hallmark of great science fiction. Combined with action and adventure, you'll find these to be page-turning stories of survival, wit, and high stakes danger.

Welcome to New Pangea, where you are the invasive species.

Enjoy your stay, if you survive!

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The first novel from New Pangea


In the primordial world of New Pangea, the mining settlement Columbia struggles against a barren environment, fearsome Deinonychuses, and scavenging predators. If only the dinosaurs were the deadliest threat.

A pack of raiders who bond with carnivores plague the town with relentless attacks, murdering innocents and plundering resources. The raiders capture Ambassador Niles Stanton, a visiting diplomat, alongside Caleb West, a though-as-nails orphan. Because the alpha raider mistakenly believes that Caleb is Stanton's son, he agrees to train the boy as one of their pack - so long as Stanton fulfills and undisclosed favor.

As they plot their escape, Stanton and Caleb must maintain their ruse, live among their enemies, and survive bloodthirsty carnotaurs. But countless lives hang in the balance when Stanton learns of the Alpha's plot, involving complete devastation throughout Columbia and perhaps all of New Pangea.

Set in the tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, Carnivore Keepers explores the steep cost of survival when human societies compete against nature... and each other.

Available in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

About the Author

Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland writer whose fiction has been collected by The Horror Tree, Flame Tree Publishing, The Dread Machine, and more. His recent publications include his novella "Tower of Raven" from Demain Publishing and his 2020 horror anthology The Misery King's Closet. Dark Owl Publishing recently released his YA fantasy adventure Grayson North: Frost-Keeper of the Windy City. Kevin currently resides in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where he enjoys his day job in academia and membership in the La Grange and Brookfield Writers Groups. When not writing or working, he's usually reading Stephen King, playing Super Mario Maker, or traveling the U.S.A.

Visit Kevin's website at

Praise for Kevin M. Folliard's work
Carnivore Keepers



"As dynamic and fascinating as the prehistoric beasts of this novel are, they are far outstripped by their Homo sapiens counterparts. With Carnivore Keepers, Kevin M. Folliard creates a fascinating world where people and dinosaurs cohabitate on the continent of New Pangea; a world where survival is the first order of business, and business is booming.


"One part Mad Max, one part Jurassic Park, and one part The Great Escape, this novel is not just another post-apocalyptic man vs. dinosaur romp. While there is hair-raising excitement, fast-paced action, and blood-chilling violence, there is a surprising amount of intrigue, personal drama, and political strife. And, as alluded before, the real stars of Carnivore Keepers are Folliard's fully realized characters, the heroes and the villains. 


"If you're in the market for 'something completely different' and you have a penchant for sci-fi, action, adventure, and good old-fashioned, edge-of-your-seat storytelling, I highly recommend Kevin M. Folliard's Carnivore Keepers, and I hope you enjoy your stay in New Pangea."

~ Jason J. McCuiston, author of Project Notebook and The Last Star Warden Series

Previous work

"'Tower of Raven' is a great story told by a confident horror writer... It's a standout in the field of retold tales!"

~ M. Rife, Amazon 5-star review

"Kevin M. Folliard is a writer who always delivers."

~ Steph Ellis, Amazon 5-star review

"I'm always impressed when so much can be said in so few words, and Kevin was genius at this... Kevin is a very talented writer."

~ Bridgett, Amazon Top Contributor, 4-star review

"It was amazingly creepy and beautifully written."

~ Robert Spatz, Amazon 5-star review

"They are beautifully crafted tales with compelling characters and ingenious twists. Top notch storytelling by an author who excels at his craft."

~ M. Rife, Amazon 5-star review

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