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The Last Star Warden
The Crimson Star Saga Episodes

Written and Illustrated by

Jason J. McCuiston

Sci-fi pulp at it's finest!

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These stories are appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Star Warden Crimson Star Saga cover image.png

The Last Star Warden and his intrepid alien companion Quantum are constantly battle crime and injustice on strange worlds across the Galactic Frontier. From starship battles to corporate disasters, from rescuing imperiled colonies to battling alien conquerors, these stalwart heroes traverse across the stars to solve mysteries, vanquish evil, and protect the good of the galaxy.

You'll love these sci-fi pulpy yarns written and illustrated by McCuiston. They're just the ticket for those who enjoy episodic and anthology-type stories full of epic adventure.

See below for the links to each episode!

Lost in Transit Cover.jpg

Episode 1: Lost in Transit

Stranded on an isolated space station by a cosmic storm, the Last Star Warden and Quantum must track down an invisible threat that is stalking the station's inhabitants!

The Roost Cover text smaller.jpg

Episode 3: The Roost

On a seemingly abandoned alien world, the Last Star Warden and Quantum discover the terrible future that may await all civilizations.

Caliban VI Cover with text.jpg

Episode 5: Caliban VI

A long lost derelict ship conceals horrors far older and darker than any Frontier ghost story!

TLSW Infinity Heist cover.jpg

Episode 7: The Infinity Heist

A plot to topple the economic system of the Civilized Worlds and the Frontier puts the Last Star Warden in the crosshairs of an assassin!

TLSW Dogfight cover.png

Episode 9: Dogfight

Escorting a Hrothshaar spy on a mission of galactic peace, the Last Star Warden and Quantum find themselves locked in a deadly ship-to-ship battle with the Crimson Star's deadliest ace!

Wrecking Crew Cover 300 dpi.jpg

Episode 2: Wrecking Crew

When the Ranger VII crashes on a desolate world, the Last Star Warden and Quantum

find themselves at the mercy of pirates and slavers.

Rise of the Crimson Star Cover with text.jpg

Episode 4: Rise of the Crimson Star

When a new military power challenges Star Cav for control of the Frontier, the Last Star Warden and Quantum are caught in the middle of the galactic conflict.

Harmony Bomb Cover with text.jpg

Episode 6: The Harmony Bomb

Investigating the sudden disappearance of a prominent science colony, the Last Star Warden and Quantum stumble upon a threat that could destroy the entire galaxy.



TLSW Here Be Dragons cover.jpg

Episode 8: Here be Dragons

A clandestine meeting with a Hrothshaar spy lands the Last Star Warden and Quantum in the middle of a struggle for galactic supremacy between the U.P.C., the Hrothshaar Empire, and the Crimson Star.



TLSW Abaddon cover.jpg

Episode 10: Abaddon

In the final episode of the Crimson Star Saga series, the Last Star Warden faces his deadliest foe yet when he and Quantum are drawn into the political intrigue nets of the galaxy's dominant powers.


About the Author


Jason J. McCuiston was born in the wilds of southeast Tennessee, where he was raised on a carnivorous diet of old monster movies, westerns, comic books, horror magazines, sci-fi and fantasy novels, and, of course, Dungeons & Dragons. Publishing his first story about zombies, kung fu, and family ties in Parsec Ink's 2017 Triangulation: Appetites anthology, Jason became a semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future contest and has studied under the tutelage of best-selling author Philip Athans. His stories of fantasy, horror, and science fiction (and even a few crime dramas) have appeared in numerous anthologies, periodicals, websites, and podcasts.

His Last Star Warden series is being published by Dark Owl Publishing. His entire body of work can be found on Amazon.


Jason lives in South Carolina, USA with his college-professor wife (making him a Doctor's Companion) and their two four-legged girls, Winky and Tonks. Connect with him on Twitter/X @JasonJMcCuiston.

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