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The Nightmare Cycle
by Lawrence Dagstine

These nightmares will cycle on long after you have finished reading.

Coming April 25, 2023
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
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Within these pages is one nightmarish scenario after another.

Horrifying situations that may go on forever, that don't seem to end.

There may be a relief, a revelation, a change that helps the characters

in each story... but that just might be only temporary.

A woman with a ghost tethered to her is navigating her world as best

she can with such a strange devotee.

A tiny werewolf baby is found in the streets and is taken

to a home for orphans who are just like her, to hopefully find parents

who understand what she truly is.

A man creates breathtaking paintings with acrylic on large canvases,

at the shocking expense of his adoring models.

Science can take us into the mind of a cosmonaut to find out

what he saw on the Moon... but should we really have and be using

this bio-technological knowledge?

Nightmares such as these can cause unrest, constant sleeplessness, jitters, and the feelings of unease and fear beneath the covers. Our own homes become alien to us; our bedrooms no longer sanctuaries of calm.

No, these nightmares will cycle on to where you'll remember them

long after you've closed the book and placed it on the shelf.

Perhaps you will also become part of the cycle.


About the Author
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Lawrence Dagstine, a writer of 25-plus years, was born and raised in New York City. He studied journalism, creative writing, and the science of publishing at New York University back in the 1990s. Throughout the 2000s, he appeared in a plethora of genre magazines (somewhere in the ballpark of 450 to 500 credits), and he cites science fiction, horror, and 80s pop culture as playing a major role in his career path.

Even today, on Halloween, he makes it an annual tradition to sit down and watch either Dawn of the Dead, Aliens, or Poltergeist with the family. But he also enjoys more leisurely activities like comic book collecting, drawing, and gaming, and is involved in communities dedicated to these hobbies. He has been published with outfits such as Damnation Books, Steampunk Tales, and Dark Owl Publishing.

You can find Lawrence on his website at, Twitter at, and Amazon at

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