The Tension of a Coming Storm
by Adrian Ludens

Horror and terror within a dark mass of short stories.

Coming  September 1, 2022
to paperback and Kindle
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
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In this book, you will be introduced to twenty newly-collected encounters with darkness, a tangled forest of stories readers of the macabre and strange will eagerly get lost in.

A man traveling cross-country is shocked to find the same mysterious figure waiting for him at each new destination in "The Runner, Stranded."

An angry man pushes the bounds of his own sanity by entombing the young son of a former coworker in "Inside a Refrigerator."

Learn a startling truth behind the Mothman legend, how Jack the Ripper relocated to the Yukon during the Gold Rush, and what drove a tortured author named Poe to his early demise.

Here are combined new, never-before-released stories with recently published works into a collection designed to flow from the pages into your fingers and hold you tight as you are transported into the emotions and fears of fully-fleshed characters and their anguished tales. You who revel in the strangely mystical and shockingly uncomfortable will certainly delight in the dark mass presented within these pages. And you won't regret a single word.

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About the Author

Adrian Ludens is a full-time library associate at a community library and the PA announcer for a pair of semi-pro hockey teams. He enjoys reading and writing horror fiction, listening to all types of music, watching hockey, hiking, and exploring abandoned buildings. He lives with his family in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Visit him online via Adrian Wayne Ludens - Author on Linktree and Adrian Ludens Author on Facebook.