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The Keeper of Tales

by Jonathon Mast
Stories are alive. They will be told.
Available MARCH 1, 2021 in paperback and on Kindle

The Fallen Lord knows how the stories are told: an unlikely hero will gather a member of every race and every nation to discover his dark secret and cause his defeat.

But the Fallen Lord has discovered a new tactic, and has made sure this group can never gather.

And now Adal, the most unlikely of heroes, an old,

world-weary man, must lead those who survive.

But will the stories be satisfied with the company he leads?

Has the Fallen Lord at last found a way to conquer the Storied Lands by turning the very tales against them?

Jonathon Mas has woven a tale where stories come alive. Their telling narrates the world around them, giving heroism to the brave or bringing evil to power. Mast brings a distinctive and varied cast along into an unusual quest, led by an aged king who carries his doubts in the folds of his robes. This rich and epic adventure shows us the power of imagination and the influence of true friends, and how the combination enhances our courage and gives us strength.

About the Author

Jonathon Mast watched ThunderCats for the amazing stories. He wanted to know the stories behind all the toys he had growing up. A video game wasn't worth playing if there wasn't a story involved. He started telling stories on the bus to the other kids on the way to and from school. As he got older, he wrote these stories down. He doesn't just like stories, but stories about stories. He and his wife often argue about stories: what makes stories good? What makes them fail? They'll often over-analyze much of the media they consume.

Jon's stories have appeared in various anthologies, including A Celebration of Storytelling from Dark Owl Publishing, and in magazines and on websites. Jon currently lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children. (A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

Origins of the Novel
From Jonathon Mast

I finished watching The Return of the King with my family. During the credits, the delicious song "Into the West" plays...

I felt a level of contentment with the story, how the characters said goodbye, that I couldn't put into words. Well, that was kind of dumb. I'm a writer. I should be able to put it into words!

So I hied me to a keyboard and decided to write a book that began with that feeling of contentment. And this sentence spewed out:

"We encamped that night at Garion Dawnsbrook."

Now, if you flip through The Keeper of Tales, you won't find that sentence anywhere. That's because what I wrote was... passable. However, a novel emerged, and with much editing and revising, eventually something good came forth!

I hope as you read The Keeper of Tales you remember why you love fantasy stories, why you relish the tropes you do, and what a character in a story might be like if they realized they were in a fantasy epic.

~ Jonathon Mast

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Cover by Pam Cresswell at Little Hippie Mama.

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Author Jonathon Mast

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