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The Keeper of Tales
by Jonathon Mast
Stories are alive. They will be told.
"Fantasy readers will appreciate the setting and genuine sense of camaraderie among the characters."

~ Publishers Weekly
For paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited
This book is appropriate ages 11 and older.
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The Fallen Lord knows how the stories are told: an unlikely hero will gather a member of every race and every nation to discover his dark secret and cause his defeat.

But the Fallen Lord has discovered a new tactic, and has made sure this group can never gather.

And now Adal, the most unlikely of heroes, an old, world-weary man, must lead those who survive.

But will the stories be satisfied with the company he leads? Has the Fallen Lord at last found a way to conquer the Storied Lands by turning the very tales against them?

Jonathon Mast has woven a tale where stories come alive. Their telling narrates the world around them, giving heroism to the brave or bringing evil to power. Mast brings a distinctive and varied cast along into an unusual quest, led by an aged king who carries his doubts in the folds of his robes. This rich and epic adventure shows us the power of imagination and the influence of true friends, and how the combination enhances our courage and gives us strength.

About the Author
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Jonathon Mast watched ThunderCats for the amazing stories. He wanted to know the stories behind all the toys he had growing up. A video game wasn't worth playing if there wasn't a story involved. He started telling stories on the bus to the other kids on the way to and from school. As he got older, her wrote these stories down. He doesn't just like stories, but stories about stories. He and his wife often argue about stories: what makes stories good? What makes them fail? They'll often overanalyze much of the media they consume.

Jon's stories have appeared in magazines and on websites, and in various anthologies, including four in A Celebration of Storytelling and two in Something Wicked This Way Rides from Dark Owl Publishing. His steampunk dragon series, The War of Leaves and Scales, is also being published by Dark Owl.


Jon currently lives in Kentucky with his wife and an insanity of children.

(A group of children is called an insanity. Trust me.)

Visit his website at

Praise for The Keeper of Tales

"We all know the power of stories. What happens when that power gets out of control?

"Stories run wild with dangerous consequences in The Keeper of Tales. Author Jonathon Mast takes traditional elements of fantasy stories - the Dark Lord, the unlikely hero, the self-sacrificing prince - and uses them to create a unique and immersive world.

"I was completely hooked by the novel, and stayed up far too late to find out what was going to happen next!"

~ Anne Clare, Goodreads five-star review

"This is an engaging and enjoyable book with many unexpected twists and trials. The characterizations are wonderful and fit the storyline almost too well. Each character plays its part well."

~ Cynde Suite, The Library Journal

Click here for the entire review

"The magic system is unique and fascinating... the cast is diverse and well drawn... Fantasy readers will appreciate the setting and genuine sense of camaraderie among the characters..."

~ Publishers Weekly

Click here for the entire review

"Truly an epic story for all ages.

"Mast has taken the traditions and tropes of Tolkien and made them his own, introducing a new twist in the genre of high fantasy. Not only is The Keeper of Tales a story about stories, but the characters actually know they are part of that story.

"Clever and original with compelling characters and a lived-in world, the novel also offers a possible allegory for the modern trend in genre fiction of deconstructing the tales which have defined our culture for generations."

~ Jason J. McCuiston, author of Project Notebook and The Last Star Warden Series

"An enjoyable journey with the characters to discover the power of tales. It's easy to take for granted family stories and fables, but then you read the universe that Jonathon Mast creates and have a renewed appreciation. The magic, mystery, and importance of each story the characters tell plays a role in the survival of the characters. Will they tell the right stories? Will they survive their journey? Will they survive the Dark Lord? I encourage you to read this book to find out."

~ Tess, young reader, Goodreads five-star review

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