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Annette's Books
Written and Illustrated by John S. McFarland

Come discover the adventures of a boy and his motherly new friend!

in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited
These books are appropriate for ages 6 and up.


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Evan Nestor Bettancourt was right! Bigfoot is real! He was saved by one named Annette when he was lost in the forest behind his house. She brought him back safe and sound to his mom and dad, who now know Bigfoot is real too! Annette went back into the forest to live her peaceful life, and Evan Nestor and his family are forever grateful.

Annette soon finds out her son, Aidan Conner, now has a family of his own, including a brand new baby! Annette is determined to travel north to see her son and her grandbaby.

But Wesley Interruptus Buttinski is still convinced he can capture Annette to prove Bigfoot is real to the world. He is determined to gain fame and fortune, so he changes his plans and enlists his unusual friend, Hyram Paul Condria, to execute his dastardly scheme!

Evan Nestor and his dad Duane go to find Annette to learn more about her, but they discover that Wesley is at it again, and they know they must help their new friend. And to top it off, Wesley's rival Reynard and the Crypto Contempos find out about Annette as well and join the hunt, wanting to steal Annette right out from under Wesley's nose!

Get ready for another wild adventure, avoiding bumbling cryptozoologists to make sure Annette meets her new family.

Join your favorite characters and discover some new ones in this hilarious and fun tale about everyone's favorite Sasquatch!

This sequel to Annette's first story is a fun and exciting adventure
everyone will enjoy!


A touching story of a boy and his motherly new friend.
"The type of book every young Cryptid enthusiast should read."

~ David Bakara, Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum

Annette A Big Hairy Mom Cover yellow arc copy.png

Evan Nestor Bettancourt is sure he saw a real, giant monster in his bedroom one night. Thank goodness he had Froggums, his favorite stuffed toy, to protect him. But his dad wants him to stop seeing imaginary creatures and start looking at scientific information. He says there is nothing new to discover in the world, and that Evan Nestor needs to learn the facts.

But Evan Nestor does discover something new, something that most people say doesn't exist: a real, live Sasquatch! Her name is Annette, and he is so lucky she found him when he got lost. She is very kind, and Evan Nestor feels very protected.

The problem is there are people who also believe the Sasquatch is real, and they want to catch her and maybe even hurt her! Evan Nestor needs to get home to his worried parents, but he doesn't want his new friend to be captured. What can they do to keep Annette's existence a secret, but still get Evan Nestor home safe?

Come join Evan Nestor and Annette on their journey of discovery and fun, of kindness and love, with illustrations by the author himself. We know after you read this book, you'll want to get out and explore, and maybe find a Sasquatch for yourself!

About the Author

John S. McFarland's first adult novel, The Black Garden, was published in 2010 to universal praise. His work has appeared in The Twilight Zone Magazine, Eldritch Tales, National Lampoon, River Styx, Tornado Alley, and in the anthology A Treasury of American Horror Stories. He has written extensively on historical and arts-related subjects and has been a guest lecturer in fiction at Washington University in St. Louis. He is a lifelong Bigfoot enthusiast and wanted to bring his love for the popular cryptid to children. Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom is his first novel for young readers.

Visit John's website at

Praise for Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom

"Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom by John S. McFarland is a delightfully illustrated romp for young readers, woven together with legend, conspiracy theory, loveable monsters, colorful characters, and unforgettable character naming conventions such as Wesley Interruptus Buttinski. McFarland has the whimsical storytelling of Roald Dahl. A terrific book to read aloud with the kids."

~ Kevin M. Folliard, author of Grayson North, Frost-Keeper of the Windy City

"Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom is the kind of book every young Cryptid enthusiast should read. While so many films and books portray these beings as monstrous, the fact is they are more like us in many ways. Adventure, surprises, and discovery await the young mind in this delightful book. Recommended!”
~ David Bakara, Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum, Blue Ridge, Georgia

"All parts of Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom are scintillatingly believable in their sharp focus, realistic action, sure character, and plot development. Undoubtedly, like many readers, this reviewer was moved to tears when Evan sacrificed his beloved Froggums for Annette to cherish, understanding and identifying with her special loneliness. Like J.K. Rowling and others, McFarland never underestimates the sensitivity and sophistication of his intended audience.”
~ Midwest Book Review

From 5-star Amazon Reviews...


"Annette is a ripping good tale with food for thought... Kids will love this suspenseful tale of a young boy who gets lost in the woods and the maternal Sasquatch who rescues him from a mountain lion while avoiding detection by an obsessed cryptozoologist, and adults will appreciate the humor generated by the book's cavalcade of quirky characters. There's never a dull moment as we come to understand that Annette is way more human than we every imagined, and that maybe we haven't discovered all the large mammals after all. I highly recommend it."

~ David Lancaster

"A fascinatingly well written children's book with very unique characters that will warm your heart. I totally enjoyed reading this book and I hope every child has a chance to read it... I think the character names are very creative and unique... I like how descriptive the author is in introducing each character so you feel like you really know them... all I can say is it is awesome and I loved it!”
~ Eileen Gorman

"Well, I must tell you: everybody loves Annette and I knew they would because it's just a lovely book. Young readers are excited by the story and many wan to read it again as soon as they finish it! They are very anxious to find out what happens in the next book!"

~Sanja Petriska, VF Libris

"I recently finished reading your book, Annette: A Big, Hairy Mom to my second grade class in the Parkway School District. My students loved your story! We used it in conjunction with our unit on chapter books...

"We thought Evan Nestor was very brave and rather intelligent, too. We also thought he was fortunate to have experienced such a thrilling adventure. His problems reminded some of us about times when we were lost and scared. Our class clapped when Evan Nestor was reunited with his parents.

"The students also loved Annette. Part of our class thought they might be afraid to read a story about a Sasquatch, but the cover put those fears to rest. Once we saw the illustration of Annette wearing the pink, heart-shaped sunglasses, we knew she was a good creature. Most of our group thought they would like to ride up on Annette's shoulders, the way Evan Nestor did. However, none of us wanted to stay in the trailer with crazy old Liam!...

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. It has been a long time since I have read a book that has captured the attention of my entire class. Looking forward to Annette's adventures as a grandmother!"
~ Mimi D. Barrow, Parkway School District,

St. Louis County

From 5-star Amazon Reviews...

"What a delightful book! My son couldn't put it down, and we all know how hard it is to get an eight year old to sit still. He read it in a few days and loved talking about the story. This would be a great stocking stuffer or good report card gift for kids!"

~ Amy Fenster

"I love how the characters are developed, and I felt like I've built a close, personal relationship with each of them. The book was an enjoyable for me (37) as it was for my son (7)!"

~ David Pexa

"Great book for kids... and adults!... I read this book while I was getting my tires changed, and kept laughing so loudly that the other customers thought I was crazy! This book is great for kids, but is just as enjoyable if you're an adult. The author does a great job giving each character a real, relatable personality, and you really feel a connection. It's a short read, highly enjoyable, and I'd recommend it to both kids and adults alike!"
~ Dontya

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