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Bad Dreams and Reflections
by Trevor Kennedy

"Together, we must read your book..."

Coming August 10, 2023
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
Bad Dreams and Reflections draft final front cover.png

"Depending on your definition of the term, I am God.

At least to someone like you I am.

I am your God now,

and within those doors awaits your judgement.

You can put it off as much as you like,

but you cannot avoid it completely.

You were but a man, alas a weak-minded, base animal,

but a creature of certain sentience, nonetheless.

The rules must be obeyed in full.

Together we must read your book."

~ excerpt from "Skull & Bones"

With​in Trevor Kennedy's Bad Dreams and Reflections, you will discover a world of darkened shades of night and long-forgotten angles of reality where good and evil collide.

A plane of malevolence where vampiric cats, insectoid abominations, mischievous genii, demonic entities from Hell, lycanthropic freaks of nature, the sleepless dead, the foul stench of rotting ghouls, and Lovecraftian terrors coexist and stalk the twisted streets and mist-filled entries, as treacherous cursed tomes and the apocalypse wait patiently in the shadows.

Do you dare walk the roads of this forbidden wasteland of unprecedented horror?

About the Author

Born in 1976, Trevor Kennedy is a writer and editor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been working in the genre literary field for around ten years now, although he has been a fan of all things weird and fantastical for as long as he can remember. He edits Phantasmagoria Magazine and its spin-off Special Edition Series, along with other related books under his TK Pulp imprint.

Trevor is also a radio presenter for Big Hits Radio UK and co-host of Citizen Frame film review podcast (available here and wherever podcasts are broadcast). His day job is a complains handler for Channel 4 (UK). Previous employment includes as a lithographic color proofer, composite operator for Bombardier Shorts aircraft manufacturers, the BBC Complaints department, call centre operative, and brief stints as a security guard and industrial cleaner. He can be contacted by email at

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