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The Wicked Twisted Road
by D. S. Hamilton

A gritty, grindhouse science fiction thriller.
"Dark and twisty sci-fi."
~ R.M. Schultz, author of The Forgotten Sky

For paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited
This book is appropriate for teenagers.

"From the time Idegen Videshee comes tumbling out of the sky, it's a nonstop thrill ride down this road in D.S. Hamilton's excellent debut novel. Engaging characters and story, muscular writing, and pure fun - a wicked, twisted read! Highly recommended."

~ Gregory L. Norris, 2022 Roswell Award Finalist,

author of The Solar System: Twelve Tales of Adventure and Wonder From Sol to Pluto (Woodhall Press 2022)


SHE is an alien super soldier hunted by elite military forces.

HE is a small-time gangster on the run from the Dixie Mafia.

TOGETHER they'll lead their pursuers on a wild ride along the highways and byways of the Old South, leaving chaos and carnage in their wake.

Idegen Videshee is an elite warrior for the Logoninjy Empire sent to reconnoiter the Earth. But her arrival does not go unnoticed. Shot down and captured by the United States military, Idegen is slated for examination and experimentation. Escape becomes a matter of life and death: her life and her captors' death.

Jon French is a former college football player with dreams of becoming a professional poker player. He also happens to be a low-level runner for the Dixie Mafia. When he gets wrapped up in a multi-departmental sting, his higher-ups believe he's a snitch. They come running with the goal to make an example of him - a bloody one. Knowing nobody leaves the DM alive, Jon sees no way out save for the "easy" one.

When Idegen and Jon meet, both at the threshold of death's door, the unlikely pair's lives are intertwined forever in a bloody fight and flight for survival. From the swamps of the Everglades to the backstreets of the big cities of the South, and across the hills and valleys in between, Jon and Idegen cut a wicked twisted road of murder, mayhem, intrigue, and deception.

And somewhere along the way, they both discover a little bit about what it means to be human.

"Dark and twisty sci-fi. Like driving through a long tunnel and flicking off your headlights, waiting with bated breath to see what will happen next."

~ R.M. Schultz, author of The Forgotten Sky

About the Author

D.S. Hamilton has spent a lifetime traveling throughout the southern United States, putting a million miles on an already old soul. This debut novel, The Wicked Twisted Road, is the culmination of a lifelong love of the region, pop culture, science fiction, military adventure, and crime drama literature, along with great music.

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