The Satchel and Other Terrors
by Matias Travieso-Diaz

Stories of dark imaginings.

Coming February 24, 2023
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
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“We have to be careful when we walk in the open.”

So begins the title story, and so begins this ominous collection of tales from settings around the world and times both close and long past. We are taken into realms terror, dragged by the hand into haunted places and minds, meeting characters whose fates could be our own if we aren’t careful.

A lonely woman on a cruise will not find what she’s looking for

until she realizes why she is on this ocean voyage.

A man visits a remote village in Africa to learn that some monsters

aren’t quite what he expected them to be.

An unfinished opera becomes a man’s obsession to find those lost notes,

no matter the means by which they are found.

A clumsy but meaningful art piece by a blind girl becomes the bane of

the art examiner who interviews candidates for a prestigious art school.


A portal is opened, a poker game is played, a mine is operated, and dolls are fabricated. Each story opens a new conflict, a new strife, a new view of both the extraordinary and the banal elements of our world. You will be mystified and intrigued, terrified and horrified, all as you turn the pages and discover these stories of dark imaginings.

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About the Author

Born in Cuba, Matias Travieso-Diaz migrated to the United States

as a young man. He is a former engineer and attorney who, following retirement, redirected his efforts towards fiction writing. He lives with his daughter and two dogs in the Washington, D.C. area. He describes himself as an “Animal Farm’s goat, Packers and Barça fan, and lover of opera, classical theater, jazz, Italian food, and vino.”
He is the author of numerous short stories, over seventy of which have been published or accepted for publication in anthologies, magazines, blogs, audiobooks, and podcasts. The Satchel and Other Terrors is his first published collection of his short stories. He’s also written a novel, The Taíno Women, set in Cuba’s early colonial period, and a novella, Lázaro Serrano, set in Havana in 1762.