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Welcome to Scar Ridge
by Jonathon Mast

"You have arrived. I have awaited you. You owe me rent."

Coming October 10, 2023
This book is appropriate for teenagers.
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Welcome to Scar Ridge is a collection of horror western stories inspired by Jonathon's two short stories from our weird western anthology Something Wicked This Way RidesThese stories are intimately intertwined within the darkly different Old West town known as Scar Ridge. Each individual story will lead you to the ultimate terrifying conclusion, that there is something truly wrong within this town, within the people, and within this world that might just be part of our own.


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About the Author

Jonathon Mast lived in the Dakotas, once on a time, and he knows what it is to have the sky glare at him. He glared back, but it didn't seem to do much.

He lives in Kentucky now, with his wife and an insanity of children.

His short stories have appeared in Dark Owl Publishing's Something Wicked This Way Rides and A Celebration of Storytelling, and numerous other anthologies and magazines. Dark Owl also published his first novel, The Keeper of Tales. He also writes middle grade science fiction and fantasy for Dawnsbrook Press. You can track Jonathon down at

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